Faculdade da Farmácia, U.Porto
R. de Jorge Viterbo Ferreira 228
Building 3, 5th floor
Porto, Portugal

Welcome! Bem-vindo! 欢迎!

We investigate ecology and evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria in different ecological niches and explore the role of the urinary microbiota in human health and disease.

In addition to fundamental understanding of these issues (e.g. relevant stressors; resistance plasmidome) our research focus on new biomarkers identification, design and production of quick, inexpensive tools for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.

We are dedicated to integrating conventional microbiological techniques and high-throughput methodologies to

  • Advance bacterial discrimination at subspecies level,
  • Identify new bacterial species,
  • Characterize human urinary microbiota and
  • Enhance the efficacy of industrial methodologies for microorganisms elimination.
Photo of the team